Current Status – 3/31/2013 – Closed to visitors until further notice

Dear friends and supporters of Pah Tempe Mineral Hot Springs,

In brief, here is the latest information and progress on the current legal process in our efforts to protect and preserve Pah Tempe:

At the last hearing on March 22nd, in the Federal court of Judge Clark Walloups in Salt Lake City, the judge heard Ken’s presentation that focused almost entirely on his request that the Court interpret the dispute with the WCWCD that has so far prevented any investors/lenders/partners from providing the needed financing to cure the existing debt and reestablish the very attractive and viable Bed and Breakfast and other needed improvements for revitalized operations at Pah Tempe.

Although the law is entirely established that the Appellate Court has the jurisdiction and the obligation to interpret the meaning of such disputes, the judge ruled that he was not able to find a “remedy” in this case, and so he denied Ken’s pleadings.

As planned, Ken has filed a brief for reconsideration in which he has given the Court his interpretation of the key points in the disputed contract’s language which are vague, ambiguous, and impossible to understand or perform.

In the last presentation to the judge, Ken simply asked the judge to mandate to the parties (WCWCD and Pah Tempe) that each submit their own interpretations of the vague, ambiguous, and impossible terms of the dispute. Then, the Court would decide on the merits of each presentation and rule accordingly.

We expect the Court to honor Ken’s request for such reconsideration, and that the judge will give a positive and fair ruling to resolve this case. No new hearing date has been set, but we will keep all supporters updated as events unfold.

We love you one and all, and greatly value and appreciate your support, ideas, and offers of assistance in the vital cause of protecting and preserving these sacred and ancient healing waters, which flow so abundantly to benefit ours and all future generations.

Again, our deepest thanks and gratitude to you all.

Most cordially,

Ken, Cordula & the rest of the Anderson family